Junipero Cherry Beach

Junipero Cherry Beach, also known as Junipero Beach or Long Beach City Beach, is the central spot to access the ocean. This long stretch of sand sits below the aptly named Bluff Park and Ocean Boulevard. The beach itself is very wide and accomodating for all types of under-the-sun activity. Parking is available along Ocean Boulevard, and the beach is accessible via different stairways and graded ramps throughout Bluff Park. Restroom facilities and showers are available along the sand. Swimming can be a popular activity, but visitors will want to check the water conditions before jumping in.

The sand stretches east and west from the central and south-facing Junipero Cherry Beach. To the west, Alamitos Beach extends almost all the way to Shoreline Village. To the south, the Belmont Pier denotes the beginning of Belmont Shore Beach and Rosie’s Dog Beach. One of the most popular activities at the beach is traveling the entirety of the beach on the Shoreline Pedestrian Bike Path. This weaving concrete trail features separate lanes for pedestrians and non-motorized commuters. Cherry Beach, which is also sometimes known as Junipero Beach, is the stretch of beach between Junipero Avenue to the west and the Belmont Veteran’s Memorial Pier to the east. Overlooking the beach are two parks. Bluff Park, where visitors can stroll along the park’s pathways or relax on one of the benches while enjoying vistas of the beach and harbor is above the southeastern end of the beach, while a section of Bixby Park sits atop the northwestern end. Free yoga classes take place in Bixby Park regularly, and everybody is welcome to roll out their mat and participate. Cross Ocean Blvd and Bixby Park has a playground, fitness equipment, restrooms, and grassy space shaded by trees.

Access to the beach is via stairs spaced every few blocks, or a long switchback path that connects Bixby Park to the beach-level bike and pedestrian paths. Free street parking is available, or there is a metered parking lot at beach level off Junipero Avenue. Restrooms and rinse showers are located at the eastern end of the Junipero parking lot. Alfredo’s Beach Shack offers food and beverages and bike rentals right on the beach just steps from the parking lot as well. While there are miles of shoreline in the Long Beach area, not all beaches are made equal. There’s Alamitos, which is easily accessed from the downtown area and close to hotels. There’s Rosie’s Dog Beach, which is a great place to bring your furry friends. However, a crowd favorite is Junipero Beach – also called Cherry Beach – which stretches along the Bluff Park area. This strip of coastline begins where Alamitos Beach ends. At Junipero, the high rises that back Alamitos are replaced with the more residential communities of Bluff Park. Here, the sand is soft and waves are calm, making it an ideal place for families. Because the sand area is wide, there’s plenty of space for visitors to spread out and you’re sure to get a solid spot. The beach has many convenient amenities, such as showers, lifeguards on duty during peak months and bike paths. This is also one of the only areas in Bluff Park with handicap accessible beach entrance. Many people enjoy participating in the free yoga classes that take place on Junipero as well.

No dogs are permitted on the sand, but the street behind the beach is a popular dog walking spot. Bixby Park is located near Junipero and provides great picnic areas, playgrounds and space for activity with views of the sea. Visitors say there are many places to relax on a blanket, and there are a variety of restaurants nearby to grab a bite. Behind Junipero Beach there are many metered parking spots, street parking and parking lots. The beach is also easily accessible via public transportation. It’s also close to attractions like the Long Beach Museum of Art, so it’s a convenient place to stop on your tour of Long Beach.

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